Message from CEO

Contributing to the realization of a healthy and prosperous society

Taisuke Murai

President & CEO

VITAL KSK HOLDINGS, INC. supports the provision of healthcare services such as medical and nursing care in communities through the provision of products and services such as pharmaceuticals and nursing care products.

In Japan, various reforms are being implemented in relation to the social security system. The impact of these reforms will bring about major changes, not only in the pharmaceutical wholesale industry, but also in the industries relating to people’s health. Despite these changes, we will continue to place importance on our starting point of delivering pharmaceuticals with safety and peace of mind, and will work to deliver not only pharmaceuticals but all kinds of products and services that are necessary for regional healthcare. The VITAL KSK Group engages in business activities with the belief that honestly fulfilling this social mission is contributing to the lives and health of people living in local communities, and will lead to the sound development of society.

In recent years, large-scale natural disasters have occurred in various regions, causing massive damage. It is our mission to deliver medicines to healthcare professionals as needed, both during normal times and times of emergency. All employees work day-to-day with the mindset that our Group exists as an important part of social infrastructure that supports medical care in local communities.

While medical and nursing care have been provided in communities until now, the declining birthrate and the progression of social aging in Japan are creating an even greater demand for healthcare that is closely tied to communities, and systems are being created for that purpose. In response to these conditions, through our ability to propose solutions and solve problems by leveraging the strengths of the VITAL KSK Group, which has been engaged in community-based business operations for many years, to various healthcare professionals involved in community healthcare (such as doctors, pharmacists, caregivers and nurses), we aim to contribute to the creation of a more efficient healthcare system and the sound development of society.