April 1, 2009
Company established
Ken Suzuki appointed as first president
November 2009
Commenced operation of Kyoto Logistics Center

Kyoto Logistics Center

First Medium-Term Management Plan

April 2010 to March 2013

Medium-Term Vision
  • Establish a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical wholesale business and secure new growth opportunities
April 2010
Established VK Shared Service Co., Ltd., for the purpose of integrating head office functions

Second Medium-Term Management Plan

April 2013 to March 2016

Medium-Term Vision
  • Build a win-win relationship with customers in the pharmaceutical wholesale business
  • Invest in businesses related to community-based comprehensive care systems and contribute to the construction of community healthcare infrastructure
July 2014
Made pharmacy chain OHNO CO. LTD. a consolidated subsidiary
March 2015
Commenced operation of Miyagi Logistics Center

Miyagi Logistics Center

June 2015
Taisuke Murai appointed as president

Third Medium-Term Management Plan

April 2016 to March 2019

Medium-Term Vision
  • Build a system that can generate profits, even in the era of 80% generic pharmaceuticals
  • Build a foundation for the medical and nursing care collaboration business and deepen the level of community healthcare
April 2017
Acquired VK Shared Services Co., Ltd. by absorption-type merger
May 2018
Commenced operation of Hyogo Logistics Center

Hyogo Logistics Center

May 2018
Established Safuran Kids, a corporate-led childcare facility

Safuran Kids

July 2018
September 2018
Signed capital and business partnership agreement with SanBio Co, Ltd.

Fourth Medium-Term Management Plan

April 2019 to March 2022

Medium-Term Vision
  • Become a corporate group chosen by customers
May 2019
Opened Sendai Robocare Center

Sendai Robocare Center

April 2020
Made pharmacy chain Goodneighbor Inc. a consolidated subsidiary
September 2020
Commenced operation of Kawaguchi Logistics Center
April 2021
Made pharmacy chain Kenkodo Pharmacy Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary

Fifth Medium-Term Management Plan

April 2022 to March 2025

Medium-Term Vision
  • Business model innovation with an eye to the next generation
Main initiatives
  • Pursuit of drug distribution model in keeping with market structure changes and market characteristics
  • Evolution of distribution and marketing model in step with progress of DX in health care
  • Implementation of group management that meets prime market requirements
April 2022
Start of the fifth Medium-Term Management Plan

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